The Green Environment

  • The Green Environment consists of the children aged 15 months to 3 years old.

  • The Green class is equipped with Montessori apparatus and introduces the children to the basic routines and approach that is utilised in the age 15 months to 3 year range.

  • This class has a separate playground to the Orange environment, with age appropriate outdoor equipment.

School Hours

  • There is an optional early drop off at 07h00.

  • The Green Environment’s school hours are 07h45 to 12h00 (15 months – 3 years).

  • The Orange Environment’s school hours are from 07h45 to 12h30 (3-6 years).

  • The Junior Primary’s hours are from 07h45 to 13h30 (6-9 years)

  • There is an optional aftercare service until 16h30.

  • The school calendar is based on the three term independent school calendar. Slight variations may exist.

The school day

  • Our official school starting time is 7h45 but children may arrive at school from 07h00.

  • In the Green environment (15 month – 3 years) the children enter the classroom with their parents. They unpack their snack and water bottles and place their bags in their lockers. Initially they do so with their parents and a teacher but as the year progresses they learn to do so independently. They then begin their work cycle.

  • The children generally select work that ‘settles’ them into their school day. This is unique to each child.

  • One of the key components of the Montessori approach is the unlimited, undisturbed work cycle.  This is the time when children utilize materials to achieve their learning potential.

  • Throughout the work cycle children select and carry out activities that have been presented to them at this time or previously, and then return materials to their rightful place. They do so independently. However, the directresses actively engage with the children throughout their work cycle. They work across all areas of the classroom, namely practical life, sensorial, mathematical, language and cultural. The directresses ensure the classroom is free of disturbance and that constructive learning takes place for each child daily and in accordance with their learning needs and potential.

  • All individual apparatus is packed away and a group lesson takes place ‘on the ring’ at approximately 10h00 for Green environment (15 months -3 years). The group sing, facts are shared and discussions are held on the theme of the week.”
  • The children then eat snack together on tables outside. When they are finished their snack, the children play outside under the supervision of the directresses for approximately one hour.

  • After break time group activities take place. Please see the weekly routine below for further information about each environments group activities.



Playball introduces children to 7 different sports and develops: listening skills, perception, life skills, self-confidence, gross motor skills, co-ordination, left / right dominance, concentration, rhythm and timing, midline crossing, independence and balance. Coaching is creative and individual attention is given in a non-competitive environment.


Art and craft

Every Tuesday the children take part in set art and craft activities relating to the theme for that week. The children learn to follow and carry out group instructions, interact cooperatively and specific fine and gross motor skills are enhanced. This takes place whist building on their knowledge and understanding related to the chosen theme topic.


Fine motor / sensory activities

The directresses select an activity to do with the children such as: working with playdough, sponges, games, stories, playing with water, blocks, cars or animals and other activities involving cooperative play.


Feed the animals

There is a safely enclosed area that the children visit to feed the chickens, rabbits and (doves) ducks with bread that they break up themselves. This is normally followed by a grace and courtesy exercise.


Fun activities / ‘grace and courtesy’

Activities such as music and stories take place.

Optional Extramurals:

Dance Mouse Tots

This program to introduces toddlers to dance and music rhythm in a fun and educational way. Dance Mouse Tots is aimed at toddlers from age 15months-35 months and naturally feeds in to the Dance Mouse syllabus thereafter at pre-school level.

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